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About Me

My name is Barbara and I am a native Italian from Rome, with a wealth of experience in teaching and a passion for languages. I can cater for all levels and would be able to offer tuition locally in the Portsmouth and adjacent areas (within south of Hampshire and West Sussex, UK).

I can teach you at the most convenient location for you, at a time that best suits you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

What I Can Do

I have over 10 years experience in teaching Italian, here´s what I can do

Tailored Lessons

All packages are specially tailored from individual Italian lessons to full immersion programs for all levels of competence from the complete beginner to the more advanced. All sessions are suitable for personal or business needs.

Group Tutoring

If there is a group of you wishing to learn Italian, then I can provide group-based tuition for organisations or companies.

Document Translation

Accurate document translations allow for effective communication across the globe. I can offer clients a prompt and reliable translation service between English and Italian, providing the highest quality translations across a wide spectrum of subjects.

Home or Office Based Tuition

Most people would agree that the most effective way of learning a language is through one-to-one tuition, where the study programme is individually designed based on your own needs, interests and weaknesses. I can provide private tuition either at your own home or office.

Teaching Children

Fun lessons for children, to learn Italian whilst playing games or singing songs. Numbers, colours, espressions & animals. There's so much to learn together in a group. Italian is a fantastic and exciting language for children to learn.

Exam Preparation

I can help with Italian GCSC & any CILS level (Italian Certificate as a Foreign Language) certification. The CILS Certification is the first Italian language certification to have applied six levels of linguistic-communicative competence from the Common European Framework of Reference and to have offered specific certifications for foreign workers in Italy.

Remote Teaching

I can remote teach Italian using Skype or other similar software (e.g. Google Hangouts / Adobe Connect) if you are too far away (e.g. another country) or just too busy to travel. By using these popular video chat applications, my carefully crafted lessons have everything a one-to-one session can offer, without the added traveling time/costs.

Themed Events

If you want to host an Italian evening, be it in a pub or restaurant, then I can help. I can provide a fun-packed structured Italian group lesson for your audience whislt they enjoy your establishments facilities, wherever it's food or wine all with an Italian twist.



Tuition Fees

If you are local to Portsmouth (UK) then I can host the tutoring sessions if you prefer, therefore avoiding any traveling fees (up to 3 people only). Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

If you require a bespoke language service, then please contact me for a discussion that are specific to your needs.

  • Exc. Travel
  • £25.00 per hour
  • one-to-one
  • £36.00 per hour
  • 2-3 persons
  • Inc. Travel
  • £30.00 per hour
  • one-to-one
  • £40.00 per hour
  • 2-3 persons
  • Remote
  • £25.00 per hour
  • one-to-one
    Skype / Adobe Connect / Google Hangouts

For groups which are larger than 3 persons, then please contact me for a quotation.


Cancellations within 24 hours of a booked lesson or a "no-show" will incur a cancellation fee of the full price of the booked lesson.

Additional Traveling Expenses

If you live more than 15 miles away from Portsmouth, then please contact me for a quotation.

Document Translation

With a quick turn around and attention to detail I can provide translations at very competitive prices. Please use the contact form to provide me with the details and I shall get back to you with a suitable quote.

  • Personal / Business
  • 8p per word
  • e.g. £40 for 500 words / page
  • Technical / Computing
  • 10p per word
  • e.g. £50 for 500 words / page
  • Legal / Medical
  • 12p per word
  • e.g. £60 for 500 words / page

Client Testimonials

What my students have to say

I have been learning Italian with Barbara regularly for just over a year.
Barbara has offered me a great mix of rigour (careful explanation of grammar), fun (amusing mnemonics) and flexibility (Skype lessons when I am working away from home).
Having a native Italian as a teacher has been essential to my making progress with learning Italian. In one year of using duolingo, podcasts and grammar books alongside learning with Barbara, I have gone from being a complete beginner to having the confidence to speak in Italian socially and in shops when we visit the mother country.
The Italians always complement me on my accent and I credit Barbara for helping me with intonation and phrasing. Most of all, it has been fun and I recommend Barbara as someone who will adapt her teaching style and content to suit your particular learning style and preferences.


I am so pleased I discovered Barbara. I had completed my GCSE in Italian at a local college and was keen to progress further. I have been having lessons with Barbara for several years now and I have progressed to Intermediate/Advanced level. Having had one-to-one lessons for a few years, for a change I am currently having two-to-one lessons with another student which works really well. The lessons are always very relaxed and you never feel under pressure - it’s fun but very effective teaching! We choose the topics and there is always a great mix of grammar, reading, conversation and writing. Barbara has really helped me progress my Italian which I love to use when visiting "il bel Paese"!!


It was my first attempt to learn Italian and I am pretty confident that I took the right decision to start the lessons with Barbara. I have been learning Italian with Barbara for a year and I can assure you that if you study and with Barbara's assistance you can learn the language quite fast and on a good grammar base. The structure of the lessons provides you with all the necessary grammatical tools in order to be able to expand your knowledge on your own as well.

I would definitely recommend Barbara as a teacher.


Brilliant teacher, kind, understanding, helpful, really made it interesting and possible. Highly recommend and I have rebooked.


I have been learning Italian with Barbara for a year and I thoroughly enjoy it. Barbara is friendly and adapts her learning style to suit the needs of the student. There is also a variety of teaching resources which helps to keep my interest. If anyone is thinking of starting to learn Italian I would definitely recommend Barbara as a teacher. I’m so glad that I found her!


Barbara was able to provide specifically-tailored help to address my personal language-learning needs in a relaxed and friendly manner, meaning that the lessons were very enjoyable, as well as being very useful.


Thank you very much for your italian lessons which gave us great start for living in Italy. Your lessons were always great fun, very well prepared and organized. Recommend you as a teacher or even as a friend. Your warm personality and great approach to teaching made all our lessons very enjoyable. Grazie mile.

Jana & James

My Italian lesson is the highlight of my week, thanks to a varied lesson plan, a beautiful language and a fantastic teacher. My dream is to be able to go to Italia and speak to my friends in Italian and this is the first step to making this come true. Io amo l´italia!!


David and I are both very happy with Barbara as our Language tutor. Barbara is extremely patient, helping us with basic Italian grammar as well as build on my vocabulary of Italian and also answer any questions I have and help me with forming sentences.

Barbara has a lovely approach to teaching, is friendly and approachable and willing to be flexible in coming to us for lessons, which is helpful for David as his time is limited. We both enjoy Barbara’s lessons.

Tracy & David

Barbara is a great teacher for a beginner such as myself. I always wanted to learn from a native Italian as I believe it is the only way to learn a language properly. Her classes are tailored to suit the individual learner.

Barbara prepares her lessons for every class and tries to mix different disciplines of grammar, listening, writing, reading to keep me motivated. She is also very good at reinforcing my weaknesses.

She provides the guidance to make the learning experience enjoyable and effective. She is very easy going and I find her company very enjoyable. I’m very keen to continue my classes as I’m sure that within a short space of time I will be a confident Italian speaker.


Barbara´s lessons offer the opportunity to learn Italian from a native speaker in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Her flexible and patient teaching method is structured using recognized text books and allows you to learn at your own pace.

The one-to-one tuition means you can spend as little or as much time as you need on each topic, without feeling pressured to move on before you are ready.

Her lessons bring together all elements of grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking in a fun and effective way and make learning Italian really enjoyable.


Barbara teaches our whole family. We love Italy and spend a lot of time there and really felt it was important to make more of an effort with the language. I have been learning Italian on and off for a couple of years but got to the stage where I really was not making progress. Starting lessons with Barbara has given me the extra boost to focus on taking my language skills to the next level and really trying to improve my confidence about speaking. The importance of lessons and conversion with a native speaker is really key and Barbara fits that role perfectly.

My husband and son started as complete beginners and Barbara has been very good at introducing the language and ensuring that they have a sound understanding of structure and grammar. Barbara will be working with my son on his GCSE Italian which gives him a real focus for his language lessons.

In addition, Barbara has undertaken a range of translation work for us, both Italian to English and visa versa. Her work has been excellent and very helpful to us, particularly where quite technical documents are concerned.

Regardless of what level you are we would strongly recommend Barbara as an excellent and fun teacher!

Ceri, Steve and Matthew

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